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fleetwood tigers

Fleetwood Senior High School


fleetwood tigers

Fleetwood Senior High School

fleetwood tigers

Fleetwood Senior High School

Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Staff

Brad Burrows LAT, ATC, CSCS

Courtney Marquard MBA, LAT, ATC

Shelby Rader MS, LAT, ATC

Athletic Training Responsibilities

  • Beginning in July we will be see athletes by appointment only, to adhere to COVID-19 policies. Please reach out to your assigned athletic trainer via email to make an appointment.




Primary Location:

Stadium Garage

Primary Location:

In front of Concession

Primary Location:

In Front of Boys’ Locker Room

Secondary Location:

Stadium Garage

Secondary Location:

Girls’ Locker Room

Secondary Location:

Stadium Athletic Training Room




HS Boys Soccer

HS Field Hockey

HS Football

HS Cross Country

HS Volleyball

HS Girls Soccer

HS Girls Tennis

HS Cheer

MS Football

MS Boys Soccer

MS Volleyball

MS Field Hockey

MS Girls Soccer

MS Cross Country

MS Cheer


  • Due to COVID-19 we will have a different procedure in the athletic training room
    • We will be seeing athletes by appointment only, until preseason begins.
    • Athletes will be asked to sanitize any equipment they use before and after use as directed by the athletic trainer.
  • Once preseason begins we will be restricted to seeing 1-2 athletes at a time, teams will be given time slots prior to their practice. If athletes do not arrive on time to their slot they may be late for practice/game

Sport Physicals

  • Due to COVID-19 we do not plan on hosting a school physical.
  • We are encouraging all athletes to visit their primary doctor for their sport physicals
  • St Luke's will be completing mass physicals at Iron Pigs Stadium (Coca-cola Park) in Allentown, more information will be sent via email
  • St Luke's Care Now - Hamburg  - offers sport physicals for $25, you can schedule your appointment online.

Below is a link to the needed paperwork to participate in Fleetwood sports. These packets are available outside of the high school athletic training room.

If you have already participated in a sport this school year, you must complete a recertification form (Section 7 of PIAA physical packet) in order to participate in a Winter or Spring sport
All paperwork should be handed in directly to the white box outside the athletic directors office in the high school, or the white box outside the 7/8 office.
Paperwork handed into the main office may not reach the athletic department.

In Season Injuries:

If you sustain an injury outside of your sport, please see the athletic trainers prior to your next practice or competition.

If you have seen a medical doctor and are "in season" you are not permitted to participate in your sport until the athletic training staff has a copy of the doctors note.

Options to submit doctors notes-

  1.  Hand in a physical note to one of the athletic trainers
  2.  Fax the note to Fleetwood Athletics - 610-944-5308 (ATTN: Athletic Trainers)
  3.  Email the entire note to, or

If you hand a note into the office the athletic trainers will NOT get a copy, and you will be unable to participate. It is the responsibility of the athlete to hand in paperwork in a timely manner.

Out of Season Injuries:

If you have seen a medical doctor for an injury or illness and plan on playing a sport later in the school year the athletic department will need a clearance note from a doctor, or section 8 of the PIAA form signed by a doctor.*

*Only applicable if you have already submitted your sports physical for the school year.


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